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Allow us to take the pressure off you! Teaching- It’s easy with Schrool®!

Schrool® is the solution you have been waiting for. Now you can:

Schrool® offers a maths learning system that parents and teachers are finding very effective. It makes homework easy as it has worked-out solutions, similar to those for questions given in class, to which the student can refer to as examples for doing their homework. This allows teachers to give individual attention to more needy students.

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Much time and effort is put in teaching a maths lesson in class, showing the ‘how-to’ and working out examples. Yet, many students still turn up with incomplete homework the next day.

This is quite common. Studies have shown that the lack of short term memory could be the cause. By the time the students get to do their homework, most of what was learned at school has been forgotten or simply blurred in their minds. How can they possibly complete their homework?

This slows down the teaching process by forcing most teachers to reduce their teaching pace, making it hard to keep up with the curriculum schedule.

This need not happen.

Schrool® has put together a learning method that allows students to review a lesson learned in class and view worked-out solutions to questions on topics covered on the day. This allows them to refresh their memory.

Instead of giving typed answers to questions, like many other methods, it shows a step-by-step movie of how to work out the solution for each and every question, giving the students a definite idea of how to do their math homework, not just what the answers are.

Teachers can now redirect kids to watch the solutions for questions similar to the ones given in class. Experience has shown a marked increase in kids’ confidence and a more positive attitude towards learning maths.

Our learning system can help your students to:

  • See worked examples similar to their homework, topic by topic;
  • Understand lessons and learn how to answer questions properly;
  • Quickly and effectively revise for upcoming tests and exams;
  • Work with little pressure and minimum help;
  • Build their confidence; and
  • Reduce pressures associated with homework.

It allows teachers to:

  • Set up an individual learning program for each student;
  • Take pressure off their workload;
  • Increase students’ overall understanding of maths;
  • Improve class participation and individual attention; and
  • Show marked improvement in every student in the shortest time.
  • No word can express how impressed I was with your program. I couldn't believe I could finally understand Algebra! After all those years! WOW! I wish I had this when I WAS at school! I am competing with my son Aaron and we are having GREAT FUN! Armani, my daughter in Year 6 insisted to join in too. She has now covered up to lesson 3 and is bragging about it at school! Awesome! If this continues my children would be excelling in Math in no time. Thank you so much. I'll keep you posted. Thanks again!
    Ann and Darren S
  • Hi my name is Sam and I have to tell you that I was skeptical about a program that could do what it claims what tutoring takes months of continuous work to achieve. It was not expensive and I thought: What the heck, I will give it a go. To my surprise my son was able to understand every concept easily because the teachers taught it exactly as at school. He has since covered a lot and is excelling in math. I couldn't believe that such a simple program could be so effective. I have nothing but praise for the program. I'll recommend it to everyone.
    Sam and Nadia -Lane Cove
  • Our daughter has been having problem understanding her class lessons in math. We didn’t know the reason. It was perhaps the teacher’s fault, but we were just guessing. Tania has always been a diligent student and until she was in year 9, she was doing well in math. We heard about this program from a family member and we gave it a try. No sooner than Richard started the program with her that she started to understand and cope better with her math at school. She has done very well in her last test and she has been selected for advanced math for her year 10. I couldn’t be more please

    Michael and Susan Forestville
  • Coming from a large family and a year ten dropout, I was determined to give my children a fair go. I was really disappointed when they were not doing well at school. When we joined the program it took only a few months for them to come home with merit notes and trophies. They performed well the whole year and now they are a year ahead of their class.
    Mich K.
  • We just wanted the kids to have something to do over the holidays. It also gave us the opportunity to have a look at the lessons and see if we could, perhaps, learn something we could help the children with. The lessons were easy to understand, but above all, we were very impressed by the way the solutions were explained, step by step. Soon we were able to understand things that we did not even recall learning at school, so much so, that we were now helping the children with their questions and surprisingly, able to teach them.
  • This is the easiest way to learn math I have discovered. It makes me understand how to do my homework. The solutions help me a lot.

  • I was finding it hard to do my homework as I didn’t know how to do math problems and thanks to schrool I am now able to do any problem by looking at the solutions. I have given the site to my friend and he is also doing his homework the same way.

  • I was struggling in Algebra, I couldn’t understand and it was all too confusing. My math marks were the lowest in class. When I started to use Schrool I began to understand and it all became clear to me. I am now doing all my algebra correctly, it’s so easy.

  • Like most of my friends I hate math. It’s all too confusing, but when I watched the program I could understand as I could see the solutions to the problems and did the same and got the problems right.

  • My math sucks but I am now doing better, considering I was second last in my grade. I studied the program and I don’t have to do any work, just watch the solutions to the questions. I am now able to do my homework all by myself and get my answers correctly. I love school for it. Thank you school!


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